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Since I published The Electric Car eighteen months ago much has changed in the EV business. More makers than ever are moving into the business in big or small ways. Existing products are being updated to compete with the new electric vehicles making their way into being. And the whole charging infrastructure has exploded offering more ways and places to charge your electric car. With all of these developments, it’s time for an update which I should have out by the end of the year.

The second edition will include information about all of the new models and future models that have been made known thus far. In addition, I’m looking to possibly expand the scope of the book to include more information about autonomous cars, alternative energy generally, commercial vehicles, and more. I am also considering offering the book in various formats beyond e-book. I’ve developed a short ten question multiple choice survey that can be answered in just a few minutes time and would appreciate your input. You will find a link to the survey below.

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