Websites and Phone Apps to locate EV charging stations

Charge Map Link Description All maps use Google interactive user maps except U.S. DOE.
PlugShare If you’re only going to use one source, use this one. PlugShare seems to be the most up-to-date tracking mechanism for charge stations at the moment. Search by address or zip code in the search box, or just start your search on the map. Offers ability to upload info on new stations. User updatable location information. Offers the ability to upload information on privately owned residential charge stations that are available for sharing (thus the name). Filter charging locations by residential or public charging stations, in addition to sorts by J1772, Tesla, and 120-volt. Filters are also available for different charge networks. Home, Public, and DC fast charge stations are represented by different icons. iPhone and Android apps available.
CarStations Search by zip code or address or just navigate using the map. Currently not as up-to-date as PlugShare. Offers ability to upload info on new stations. User updatable location information. Filter charging locations by: Connector type – ie: J1772, NEMA5 (120V), NEMA 1450 (240V), Tesla, Avcon, DC Quick Charge, SPI, LPI, Other. Also filter by equipment brand/affiliation – ie: Coulomb/ChargePoint, Blink/Ecotality, GE Wattstation, etc. iPhone and Android apps available. Not as well annotated as the PlugShare site, or as many helpful photos for locating charge stations.
U. S. Department of Energy Not as easy to navigate, but comprehensive info provided. Color coded map of United States shows charge station density by state. Double click on the map to zoom in on your area of interest. Clicking on a triangle gives name, address and phone info. “More details” link offers additional info such as access times, type of charging equipment, number of charge stations, network affiliation and date last confirmed. Map thumbnail offers approximate location. No user comment info on current equipment functionality. No mobile apps available.
EV Charger Maps Not recommended
Blink Network Shows only those charge stations supported by the Blink Network. Shows locations, units available, in use, and offline. Offers Googles “Get Directions” capability. Filter by Level 2, DC Fast Charger, Available, In Use, Offline. iPhone and Android apps available.
ChargePoint Network Shows only those charge stations supported by ChargePoint Network. Info available: facility name, address, connection type, availability, access (unrestricted or restricted) and price. Filter by Level 1, Level 2, DC Fast charge, Available, In use, Future/Unavailable. iPhone, Android and Blackberry apps available.

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