April 2012

26th International Electric Vehicle Syposium next week

April 30, 2012

Public Ride and Drive – Sunday May 6 Ever hear of the World Electric Vehicle Association? Neither had we. Until we were reviewing our electric car Google alerts and found some information about the upcoming International Electric Vehicle Symposium (brought to you by the really big name group). Actually, it is organized by the World […]

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Norway is hotbed of electric cars

April 28, 2012

Nissan LEAF not the first to reach 1,000 sales While Nissan is trumpeting the fact that they’ve already sold 1,000 LEAFs in Norway in their first six months of sales, they are not the first electric vehicle (EV) to reach that vaunted number. Mitsubishi started selling their all electric model i in January of 2011, […]

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It’s official – Nissan no longer taking reservations for the LEAF

April 26, 2012

$99 reservation fees already received to be refunded The Nissan LEAF reservation process – that confusing and sometimes maddening (for some) system – is no more. Anyone with an active reservation will receive a refund within 6-8 weeks according to Nissan’s LEAF website. In fact, this is the exact wording on their site now: $99 […]

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Happy Earth Day 2012

April 25, 2012

Sunday, April 22, 2012 But wait, we hear you saying, that was last weekend! Yeah… I guess we missed it. Not that we didn’t know about it. Earth Day was in the mainstream media, on the radio, on television… pretty much everywhere. So how could we miss it? Well… it’s kind of like this. We […]

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Nissan and GE talk Smart Grid

April 23, 2012

Nissan partners with GE to showcase Smart Grid technologies at SAE 2012 World Congress Nissan and GE have developed a strategic partnership to explore and further develop the idea of the Smart Grid, and what it can mean for the average consumer. We wrote about IBM, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) and Honda working together […]

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EPA range and the electric vehicle

April 21, 2012

Let us know if you can figure it out Some things that we learned in grade school apparently don’t work in the real world. Like basic math for instance. We decided to demystify the confusing EPA mileage range assigned to various manufacturer’s electric vehicles (EVs) only to be slapped down by yet another confusing government process. […]

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