July 2013

LEAF provides lowest price per MPG – LA Times

July 31, 2013

 EV MPGe is cheaper than gas MPG Looking for the best cost per MPG? Look no further than the LEAF that you may already be driving, according to the Los Angeles Times. We’re not sure how we missed this, but back in March the LA Times asked Edmunds.com, a consumer automotive research site, to research […]

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LEAF top ten cities

July 26, 2013

San Francisco comes in on top With the recent sale of the 100,000th Renault-Nissan Alliance electric vehicle (EV), Nissan decided to publish the top ten US cities for LEAF. As seen in the above infographic, they are: San Francisco Los Angeles Atlanta Seattle Portland, Oregon Honolulu San Diego Nashville Sacramento, California St. Louis, Missouri Not […]

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100,000 EVs from Renault-Nissan Alliance

July 23, 2013

Combined they’ve driven around the world 20 times It may be awhile before we see LEAF after LEAF after LEAF on US streets, but not a day goes by that we don’t see at least one other LEAF driving around our neighborhood. Nissan’s mass market electric vehicle (EV) has found supporters in markets around the […]

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Interest in LEAF expanding

July 20, 2013

More dealers wanting LEAF There has been much written recently about Nissan being unable to fill all dealership requests for the 2013 LEAF. Nissan says demand currently exceeds supply. Certainly demand is up with a price reduction, but also tales of electric vehicle (EV) ownership are starting to wend their way through the water cooler […]

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e-NV200 to be tested in Tokyo – again

July 14, 2013

Testing will provide additional feedback for 2014 launch We have been writing about the e-NV200 for so long the latest announcement by Nissan of its test with DHL Japan is almost a non-event. The e-NV200 will be Nissan’s second global electric vehicle (EV) with its commercial launch next year. The e-NV200 uses the LEAF drivetrain, […]

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The search for a better EV battery

July 11, 2013

More nano level experimentation shows path to improvement An associate professor at the Michigan Technological University is not satisfied with his mobile phone battery life, and he would like to see electric vehicles (EVs) travel further on a single charge. Fortunately, he is in a position to be able to do something about it. Reza […]

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