December 2011

EV Battery Technology differences

December 31, 2011

A closer look at the Nissan LEAF battery assembly Our article yesterday was about our drive in the Coda Sedan. A reader commented that the lithium iron phosphate chemistry of the battery pack in the Coda was also a lithium ion battery, which prompted some additional investigation on our part. According to Wikipedia, the lithium […]

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Driving the Coda Sedan

December 30, 2011

A 1990’s sedan for 2012 With the San Diego International Auto Show coming to town, we got an opportunity to get behind the wheel of one true electric vehicle (EV) and a couple of hybrids. Also, recently we had an opportunity to join Car2Go, a car sharing service that operates in San Diego, Austin and […]

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Washington state gets its first DC fast charger

December 29, 2011

First of nine fast charge stations in Washington state breaks ground The West Coast Green Highway will ultimately link the northernmost part of Washington state to San Diego with electric vehicle (EV) charging stations all along the way. While the completion of this goal may be many years off, the first step was taken this […]

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International Hot Rod Association adds rules for EVs

December 27, 2011

IHRA to promote EV drag racing The International Hot Rod Association (IHRA), the second largest drag racing sanctioning body in the United States, and the largest in Canada, has accepted electric cars and motorcycles into their ranks, according to the National Electric Drag Racing Association. The National Hot Rod Association had created classes for electric […]

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More EV battery issues

December 26, 2011

A123 announces battery manufacturing glitch A123 Systems, the battery manufacturing company that supplies Karma, General Motors and Smith Electric Vehicles, has released an announcement regarding a hose clamp misalignment that could affect the battery cooling system of the battery it supplies to Fisker for the Karma electric vehicle (EV). This misalignment could potentially cause a […]

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Tsunami provided real world LEAF battery survival test

December 23, 2011

No LEAF batteries damaged in tsunami destroyed LEAFs Roughly two dozen LEAFs were destroyed as a result of the tsunami that devastated Japan in March. None of the LEAFs batteries were damaged, according to the New York Times. LEAF batteries consist of four lithium-ion cells, packaged into modules, which are themselves packaged into the 660 […]

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