Nissan Launches Second EV Car Share Service in Japan

New Mobility Concept on the road

In October 2013 Nissan launched Japan’s first large-scale one-way car sharing service, using the Nissan New Mobility Concept EV as the vehicle of choice. The initial program was a one-year trial run starting with 30 units. In 2014 the program was extended for a year with an expansion to 50 vehicles. Nissan found that over 10,000 users signed up to use this innovative service which allowed users to pick up the car in one location and drop it off in another.

Today Nissan announced a second car sharing service, also using the New Mobility Concept. ┬áThis service will offer round-trip rentals – basically renting the car in one location, using it for your needs, and returning it to the location that you rented it. Priced in Yen, the rates are inexpensive – roughly $9 per hour with a maximum of $27 per day after paying a minimal user fee to join the program. The service operates 25 cars in the city of Yokohama, and offers 14 locations to start and end your trip. For the tourist that wants to easily get around the city, this offers a great way to increase your mobility near your destination. Perhaps that’s where Nissan derived the name – New Mobility Concept.

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