August 2013

LEAF outsells Altima where there is infrastructure

August 25, 2013

Georgia state incentives help in Atlanta Nissan LEAF is the best selling Nissan model in Portland, San Francisco, and Seattle. It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out why. All three of these markets are densely populated with the oh so important DC quick chargers that allow for either greater trip distances, or a quick […]

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Southern California Edison shares gained knowledge

August 18, 2013

We look at their study in this two part series It turns out the sky isn’t falling after all. Many electric vehicle (EV) naysayers talk about the inability of the electrical grid nationwide to keep up with the increase in EV charging over time. Southern California Edison (SCE) says otherwise, based on a recently released […]

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EV market sees lower prices for 2014 models

August 11, 2013

LEAF still winning the lease battle When Nissan started production of the LEAF in Smyrna, Tennessee for the first time, potential electric vehicle (EV) owners smiled. Not only would this innovative product be built by Americans, but producing the LEAF in the U.S. would introduce a lower price model (the LEAF S – $29,650 including […]

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