PSEG offers free EVSE to businesses for employee incentive

PSEG Company Electric Vehicle Infographic

PSEG’s own employees have shown benefits of EV ownership

The above infographic hits the high points of why they are making this offer:

  • 13 employees saved $19,000 on gas in one year – that’s an average of $1,461 per employee
  • 5,300 gallons of gasoline went unburned
  • 50 to 60 tons of CO2 avoided
  • 120,000 commuting miles driven on electricity

To encourage greater adoption of electric cars Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG) will provide free smart charging equipment to businesses in their service area. The equipment will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis with the companies paying for installation of the equipment and electricity costs once installed. Businesses must have a minimum commitment of five employees that will use an electric vehicle (EV) for their commute. PSEG will collect usage data to gain understanding on electricity demand and impact on delivery. The program will provide equipment for about 150 cars.

“Our company believes there is a strong future in electric cars here in New Jersey, and workplace charging is a critical part of that future,” said Ralph LaRossa, president and COO of PSE&G. “We want to be a partner with New Jersey businesses and New Jersey electric car drivers. Electric cars not only benefit the environment, but are cheaper to own and operate than conventional cars.”

Employee benefits are highlighted above. Businesses achieve sustainability targets, reduce costs to employees, and improve air quality. The success of this program could see the implementation of similar programs by other power generators across the United States.

PSEG operates Public Service Electric and Gas Company (PSE&G) in New Jersey.

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