Plugshare adds No Charge to Charge filter

Plugshare No Charge to Charge filter

Nissan makes Plugshare app official location finder

Recargo, provider of the popular online charge station locator app PlugShare, announced that Nissan has made PlugShare the official No Charge to Charge app to find locations. We have been a big PlugShare fan since discovering it a few years ago. The great thing about the app is that anyone that registers can upload new charge station location information, including pictures which can be useful in finding out of the way locations.

Plugshare No Charge to Charge locations

Nissan is currently offering the No Charge to Charge promotion in ten LEAF markets nationwide. Some of the locations run together on the above screenshot, so we’ll call them out for you – West coast to East coast:

Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Sacramento, San Diego, Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, Nashville, Washington, D.C. Nissan has stated that the Los Angeles market will come online for the promotion on August 15. If it strikes you that California is heavily represented it could be because the Golden State still leads in overall electric vehicle (EV) sales. The market share lead may be held by Washington and Hawaii, but neither sells the sheer volume of vehicles that Californians buy.

Nissan’s No Charge to Charge promotion is available to anyone that buys or leases a LEAF in the available market areas and includes free charging at select public fast charge stations for two years. LEAF drivers that acquired their vehicle after July 1, 2104 are eligible. Nissan is looking to add at least fourteen additional markets to the promotion over the coming year.

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