100,000 EVs from Renault-Nissan Alliance

LEAF caravan

Combined they’ve driven around the world 20 times

It may be awhile before we see LEAF after LEAF after LEAF on US streets, but not a day goes by that we don’t see at least one other LEAF driving around our neighborhood. Nissan’s mass market electric vehicle (EV) has found supporters in markets around the world, and tales of its capabilities continue to spread.

Today the Renault-Nissan Alliance announced the sale of the 100,000th electric vehicle produced by the alliance. This particular vehicle was a LEAF purchased in Atlanta, Georgia, USA by a graduate student – Alison Howard.

“It just drives perfectly.  It’s so cool. I love it!” said Howard.

“The fact that it’s all electric and I don’t have to spend money on gas as a college student, that’s great.

Nissan has sold over 71,000 LEAFs globally with almost 30,000 Renaults making up the remainder. Nissan has sold 30,000 LEAFs in the US, 28,000 in Japan, and 12,000 in Europe. Renault has captured a 61 percent share of the European EV market. Some LEAF owners (like us) are already on their second LEAF, and others have chosen to become two LEAF families.

In Norway, the LEAF is one of the top 10 vehicles sold, and it is Nissan’s best selling model. It is also a top 10 vehicle in San Francisco, Seattle and Honolulu.

We have said this since the beginning and will continue to say it – EVs are not for everyone, but for those that can operate within the parameters of an EV, they offer a transportation alternative that should be seriously considered.


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2 Responses to 100,000 EVs from Renault-Nissan Alliance

  1. Fredrik Pedersen says:

    As you said in this article, the Nissan LEAF is extremely popular in Norway (btw, 95% of our electricity is sustainable)

    I’ve just come fresh from reading you battery loss analysis and theories in the 3-part series. It made for interesting reading, but I am concerned about one thing. You find that the heat in AZ and various other places might affect the battery capacity… now I am wondering, do you have any data to indicate that extreme cold will have any effect? in northern Norway, there is no sun for half the year and temperatures are between +5C (at best) and -30C (at worst) — mostly hovering about -10C to -20C

    I have yet to become a LEAF owner, as I am two years out of high-school with practically no funds. However, I find this movement towards electricity to be extremely fascinating and inspiring. I now own a scooter, which I drive in the summer season. It hardly uses any gas.

    Some day I will own an electric vehicle — most likely within 5 years (maybe I’ll even get a second-hand LEAF) That is why I am very curious to learn about the LEAF and other EVs as they stand in my area

    I am loving your blog!


    Fredrik Pedersen

    • Ernie Hernandez (LEAFguy) says:

      Fredrik – Welcome to Living LEAF. While it has been learned that heat is bad for long term battery life, cold is not. Extreme cold can shorten range temporarily, but as the battery warms, the range returns to normal. Nissan now includes battery warmers to prevent this, which the 2011 model did not have. Also, thanks for your kind comments, and we look forward to you joining the EV revolution when you can.

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