Nissan expands No Charge to Charge markets


Doubles Nissan’s claim of reaching 25 initial markets

July of 2014 saw Nissan introduce their No Charge to Charge program in ten markets, with a commitment to add fifteen more markets over the next twelve months. Not only have they met that initial commitment, but by expanding the program to double that number, nearly 90 percent of LEAF owners in the US live within one of these 50 markets. The program provides free charging for two years with the purchase or lease of a new Nissan LEAF.

There are differences between Nissan’s program and the Tesla Supercharger network. The Nissan program offers free charging for two years and is designed to assist in local or distance driving. The Tesla Supercharger network is for as long as you own your car and is designed to be used as a long distance charging protocol when traveling away from your local market. Tesla expects their owners to charge their cars at home when in their home market and angered many owners just over a year ago when they sent out a mass email asking owners not to use the Supercharger network as a local charging station.

No matter which EV you own, you can be sure that the cost to fuel your car will be less than any gasoline powered vehicle, even without free charging offered by the manufacturer.

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