Renault-Nissan Alliance sells 200,000th EV globally

2015 LEAF Front

Alliance has 58% market share

In addition to great market share, Nissan and Renault electric vehicles (EVs) share another commonality – EVs have the highest customer satisfaction rate of all models offered by both brands, a great indicator of continued future success.

Nissan has sold 148,700 EVs globally since the launch of the LEAF in late 2010. The e-NV200 van joined the LEAF in Europe and Japan earlier this year. The LEAF has sold 67,000 in the United States, 46,500 in Japan, and 31,000 in Europe, it’s three largest markets.

Renault has sold 51,500 EVs globally since its first sale of the Kangoo Z.E. in 2011. Renault offers several EV models including the ZOE subcompact, Fluence Z.E. sedan, and the open-cockpit, two-passenger Twizy city car.

In the United States, LEAF sales are up 35 percent over last year with 21 consecutive sales record months showing that LEAF sales are remaining strong.

Speaking of 200,000, when LEAF sales reach that 200,000 number in the United States, that will mark the beginning of the phase-out of the federal income tax credit currently available. Current cumulative sales to date as counted by the Internal Revenue Service can seen on their web site (found here). The second quarter after U.S. sales reach the 200,000 mark, the income tax credit will be reduced by half to $3,750. Upon reaching its next benchmark six months later it will be reduced by half again then taper to zero credit six months after that.


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