California expands clean vehicle rebate funding


$25 Million added to fund

Since its inception in March 2010, the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project of the California Air Resources Board has provided about $100 million for about 50,000 rebates – primarily to electric vehicle owners. California buyers can get up to a $2,500 rebate as an incentive to acquire a plug-in or fuel cell vehicle to help improve air quality in the state. The state will add an additional $25 million to the fund for these buyers, which should get them through the summer. Support for the project is expected to continue in the coming years.

“California consumers can get up to $2,500 back when they buy an ultra-clean vehicle,” said California Air Resources Board Chairman Mary D. Nichols. “These incentives have helped make California the fastest-growing market for zero emission vehicles in North America.”

There is currently a rebate waiting list for those that buy an ultra-low-emissions vehicle in California pending this additional funding. Higher demand than expected caused the need for expanded funding as the state is now processing about 3,500 rebate requests each month.

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