Fiat 500e to go 87 miles EPA

Fiat 500e Interior

108 MPGe rating tops the charts

Fiat just announced that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has ratedĀ FIAT’s upcoming 500e electric vehicle (EV) with a driving range of 87 miles. This driving range is best in class – although the class is still pretty small at this point. Tesla’s Model S is not considered here as it is in a class by itself – at the moment.

The 500e will also offer class leading efficiency of 108 MPGe highway. Where traditional gasoline engines receive their best fuel efficiency on the highway, the opposite is true of electric cars. When one combines city and highway driving, the combined EPA rating becomes 116 MPGe. This would indicate even better economy when driving around town. In fact, in around town driving, the MPGe improves to a wallet friendly 122 MPGe. As good as that city mileage is, the Mitsu i-MiEV is better – 126 MPGe. So if your errands will keep you in town, the Mitsu may be a better way to go. But if you wanted a dose of style to go with your economy, the 500e would easily win that contest.

Fiat 500e

We did not get a chance to drive the 500e at either the Los Angeles Auto Show, or the San Diego show. Its debut is set for Spring of this year in certain California markets. Time permitting, we will try to get behind the wheel of a gasoline powered 500 to get an overall impression of the car that the 500e is based on.

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