A ray of Nissan LEAF sunshine among the clouds

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Nissan LEAF owners very satisfied

We have just a short article to post today, but one that we feel is important, especially given the nature of much of the dialog surrounding the Nissan LEAF over the past several months.

One point that we wish to highlight from the Chelsea Sexton/Andy Palmer YouTube video (found here) is that the Nissan LEAF has achieved the highest satisfaction ratings of all 64 Nissan vehicles sold globally. According to Mr. Palmer (right around the 5:40 mark in the video), LEAF has at or above a 95 percent satisfaction rating. When you think about it, that is an astounding satisfaction rating for any product.

A saying that we learned a long time ago in the automotive business is that nobody builds the perfect car. Compromises always exist as individual needs vary from household to household. This is exactly why such a broad array of vehicles can be found at any manufacturer’s retail dealerships – one driver’s needs are often dramatically different than anothers.

Our view is that the LEAF’s high satisfaction ratings bode well for the electric vehicle (EV) movement in general. The LEAF is certainly not a perfect car. But for those that present the right set of circumstances to acquire one, it seems to be a very good solution to their transportation needs, as self reported by owners satisfaction ratings measured by Nissan. As battery technology improves, prices fall due to manufacturing efficiencies, and driving range increases, we see a bright future for electric mobility as presented by Nissan and other automobile makers as they continue to broaden the scope of fully electric vehicle choices.

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  1. Tom K says:

    No doubt about it. I like my LEAF… A whole lot… I’m just concerned about my ride’s battery capacity…

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