Nissan LEAF limo finds a home in Tennessee

LEAF lime

Visitors to Nissan HQ to arrive green and clean

I had read about the creation of the Nissan LEAF limo not long ago by a Missouri coach building firm. I did not, however, expect to be personally impacted by it. As it turns out, the new residence for the first of these to make it to the public roadways is the very hotel that I stay at when I am in Tennessee.

The four-foot stretch to the otherwise intact LEAF moves the battery pack rearward while adding the additional length to the center of the vehicle. The rear passenger compartment now accommodates six, with room up front for the driver and one more. With Nissan’s headquarters right down the street, the LEAF makes perfect sense – after all, the point of a limo is to provide a smooth, quiet ride, right? How much more quiet can it get than an electric motor?

As can be seen by the photograph at the top of the story, the original roof line is retained, so the additional length really provides more leg room for the added rear-facing passenger seat. And though six could sit in the back, as a limo, it is better suited for four comfortable passengers.

LEAF limo interiorFitted with the requisite upscale interior trimmings (leather seating and cedar paneling), the LEAF limo provides a fitting carriage for those visiting dignitaries from Japan.

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