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Recently we were wandering around in the My Nissan LEAF forum and saw that someone was looking for the Nissan DVD that explains the operation of various features on the LEAF. This DVD was provided for all Nissan products (Nissan referred to the DVDs as the Electronic Quick Reference Guide), but Nissan no longer provides this content in DVD form. Mixed in with the Owner’s Manual packet is a paper version of the Quick Reference Guide, but who wants to read when you can watch a video instead. Enter YouTube.

Fortunately for us, Nissan has embraced social media such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. This can be extremely helpful for those new owners (and potential new owners) who just want to learn more about the car. Especially YouTube, as you are about to find out.

Here is a link to the videos on the Nissan Channel on YouTube. As of today, the site has over 1,300 videos with over 11 million views. Nissan has been one busy little video uploader. Now, no one wants to sort through that many videos to find the content that is important to you, so let’s filter things just a bit.

On the left one will find links for “Uploaded Videos” and “Playlists” – select the Playlists link. Once there, you will see many vehicle and topic specific playlists. Here you will have a couple of interesting video playlists to choose from. As you scroll down the page, the first LEAF specific playlist is called “100% Electric Nissan LEAF“. In this playlist, you will find much Nissan marketing fluff – commercials, videos made at the various LEAF driving events around the country, etc. But scroll down to video 66 and things start to get a bit more interesting. Currently videos 66 through 71 (the most recent in the series so far) are what Nissan refers to as “Nissan LEAF In-Depth” topics and discuss various LEAF topics that you very likely may have an interest in. These are mini interviews with Mark Perry, Nissan’s Director of Product Planning for the LEAF. As you can imagine, they are conducted by a Nissan employee and as such are all LEAF and electric vehicle (EV) favorable questions, but still they may be useful in helping you understand more about whether you want to purchase a LEAF (or any other EV). These videos all have their running time shown and typically run just a few minutes long.

If you already own your LEAF, are considering purchasing a LEAF, or know someone that has a LEAF and want to let them know that you know more about their car than they do, this next set of videos will be extremely helpful. These are all of the videos (and then some) that made up the content of that old static LEAF DVD Electronic Quick Reference Guide. These are the videos that will show you how to operate the various features (high tech and low tech) that your car comes equipped with. Go back out to the Playlists, and scroll down to the bottom of the list where it shows “Nissan Vehicle Reference Guides.” You will see the various Nissan vehicle videos organized in alphabetical order. As of this writing, videos 66 through 133 are all about operating the various features and systems on the Nissan LEAF. These numbers will change as videos are added, replaced or deleted, but as you can see, there are currently over 60 videos on LEAF system operations. Topics covered include Intelligent Key operation, navigation system, audio system, CARWINGS, and even topics such as maintenance and service requirements. You will find that some of those challenging questions that you couldn’t find an answer to, and even your salesperson couldn’t answer for you, may be answered here.

We hope that this resource will be helpful to you, whether you currently own a LEAF or are considering whether a LEAF is right for you. With so much misinformation available via so many online sources, it’s nice to know that you can get at least some information directly from the source.

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