Washington state gets its first DC fast charger

AeroVironment DC fast charger

First of nine fast charge stations in Washington state breaks ground

The West Coast Green Highway will ultimately link the northernmost part of Washington state to San Diego with electric vehicle (EV) charging stations all along the way. While the completion of this goal may be many years off, the first step was taken this week as the state of Washington broke ground on the installation of Washington’s first DC fast charger installation in Bellingham.

The idea is to have DC fast charge stations stretching the length of Interstate 5 through three states – Washington, Oregon and California. Washington’s plan is to install nine DC fast charge stations in the state – six will be along Interstate 5 with an additional three along US Route 2 into central Washington. Additional charging stations are expected to be installed in the greater Seattle area by the EV Project, but the EV Project’s lack of progress in San Diego does not lead to much confidence in the Seattle installations. The ultimate goal will have the state EV infrastructure looking something like this:

Green Highway - Washington StateBefore the state of Washington gets too far along in the planning stages of those stations along US Route 2 we would highly recommend that discussions take place with the EV Project to check on the status of any of the proposed installations from Everett to Lacey. Assuming the installation of only one Washington State DC fast charge station per month, the final installation of the nine could be completed by the third quarter of 2012.

AeroVironment was selected as the vendor for the DC fast charge equipment to be installed in Washington and in Oregon. This first installation in Bellingham is at Sehome Village just off of Interstate 5. With shopping and restaurants, this seems to be an ideal location for this first fast charger.

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  1. Tom K says:

    EV Project? What’s that?? I’ve given up on the EV Project as a wasteful failure. I’ll continue to use my AVCON adapter down here in SoCal to move about while I dream of countless QC DCs dotting the landscape…. Happy New Year…

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