LEAF in demand up north

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2011 LEAF allocation sold out in Canada

The 2011 Nissan LEAF allocation for Canada sold out within the first two hours of reservations being opened. Granted, only 40 vehicles were made available, with 2012 LEAF reservations to open up at a later date, but this does provide more than just an indication of interest. With all of the information bouncing around online and in the mainstream press, we are relatively sure that these early Canadian reservations holders are very likely to follow these reservations up with orders.

According to Nissan, reservations for the 2012 model LEAF will open in the coming months. It is also worth remembering that the 2011 LEAF has no cold weather package available where the 2012 LEAF includes a battery warmer and heated front and rear seats (along with a higher price tag). We expect demand for the 2012 model to be greater as a result of these changes.

Currently there are 27 LEAF certified dealerships throughout Canada. Nissan expects to sell roughly 600 LEAFs in the Canadian market through the 2012 model year.

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3 Responses to LEAF in demand up north

  1. Gwido says:

    Nissan has now delivered the first LEAF to a Canadian consumer:

    I read that the next wave of Canadian reservations for the 2012 LEAFs will open at the end of October. Unfortunately for me, only people living near a certified dealer will be allowed to order them.

    • Ernie Hernandez (LEAFguy) says:

      Gwido, thanks for the link. Just as in the US, more Nissan dealerships will become certified over time. There is significant expense involved. Owners want to be sure that they will be able to recoup their investment.

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