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Some folks are just a little bit “out there”.

A LEAF driver in Amsterdam, Holland needed to get home for his daughter’s third birthday party. Being the parent of three, we can totally understand the motivations. Unfortunately, his daughter was 43 kilometers away (roughly 27 miles) and his LEAF had no juice. What to do? Find a friend with a big truck and use the regenerative capability of the LEAF to charge the battery while being towed behind said big truck.

Keep in mind that we are not recommending this, and that you will likely void the warranty if Nissan finds out about it. But we did find this an interesting experiment in the name of research. We noted a maximum speed in the video of 91 kilometers per hour. This converts to about 57 miles per hour. Again, not something that we would recommend, especially when being towed behind a truck using a tow rope. But the video is worth watching, if just for the animated way in which Victor presents the activity.

Just a couple of notes before you watch the video – it is noted in the video that you can’t put the “automatic transmission” in neutral. Actually, you can, even while driving. And there is some coarse (but funny) language (in English) between about 1:25 and 1:40. Should you wish to bypass that, you won’t miss anything of any real consequence. Hit the CC button on the YouTube frame for English subtitles.

Now, instead of a truck, if we just had a really big mountain to roll down…

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