Fisker Karma production begins

Fisker Karma

MSRP approaching six figures

Fisker’s sexy Karma performance four-door sedan, originally estimated to be available in the $80,000 price range has started production with an announced price of $95,900 according to Based in Southern California, Fisker has been working on the development of the plug-in hybrid Karma since 2007. Assembled in Finland, the Karma is not just a high-priced variation of a Chevy Volt. With an interior swathed in leather and wood, ultra-premium comes to mind when scanning its surfaces.

Fisker Karma interior

Originally slated to launch in 2009, as has been the case with so many independent manufacturers, Karma found itself subject to funding delays. With an ambitious initial goal of 15,000 unit annual production, reality set in and the goal is now a more modest 7,000 vehicles for 2011.

Motivation is provided by two electric motors driving the rear wheels with a combined 403 horsepower (300 kilowatts). These will get you 50 miles down the road with their 20 kilowatt hour battery pack. When the electricity is used up, Karma relies on a 260 horsepower 2.0 liter turbocharged four cylinder engine. With seating for four, perhaps it is closer to the Chevy Volt than we first realized. At over twice the price to account for the niceties.

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