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What incentives are available for the LEAF?

It seems that we have been caught up in the gravitational pull of a financial black hole that is demanding ever more information about the dollars and cents implications of purchasing (or leasing) a Nissan LEAF. As we wander about the web we find items that may be of use, so herewith we report some additional information.

Not everybody lives in California (though this morning on Interstate 5 South in Orange County it certainly seemed like they did) with its $5,000 rebate to encourage electric vehicle (EV) adoption. But California is not the only state that offers EV incentives. Other states do as well, and some are very attractive.

Colorado, for instance, offers an income tax credit of up to $6,000, depending on the price of the car (the LEAF should qualify for the entire amount). Hawaii’s credit is up to $4,500. Many other states offer rebates or credits to encourage their citizens to burn less gasoline. But credits and rebates aren’t the only way to save. The state of Washington provides free charging to EV owners at state office locations that have chargers available. Many states offer car pool lane use to EV drivers, potentially saving time as well as money. And some states offer reduced registration fees to EV owners or even free metered parking. So there could be incentives in your state (or city) that you aren’t even familiar with.

To help you find out about some of these incentives, Nissan put up this page on their LEAF web site. Here you can check out incentives by Zip Code or State. Their are thumbnail descriptions on this page, with links to more detailed information. We hope that you find this helpful

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