Nissan e-NV200 to launch in Japan first

Nissan e-NV200

Launch set for FY 2014

Based on the Nissan LEAF powertrain, the e-NV200 light commercial vehicle (LCV) will mark the second Nissan electric vehicle global launch. Production will begin in Barcelona, Spain in mid-2014.

We have written many articles about the long-running testing process that Nissan has used to develop the e-NV200 (found here, here, here, and here). With these tests running the gamut from the Japanese Postal Service to FedEx in London, using them as retail delivery vans, and finally DHL delivery vans, Nissan has accumulated much significant real-world data on how these vehicles will be used in varying commercial environments. This should bode well for a smooth rollout for the electric vans once production ramps up.

Nissan’s plan is to launch the van in Japan where it has garnered the most test data, with the idea of rolling out to additional global markets after that. The e-NV200 will launch in Barcelona after Japan. Nissan as a brand has a very strong presence in the LCV global market with LCVs accounting for more than 20 percent of all Nissan vehicle sales in FY2012, with 1.14 million units sold. A successful electric vehicle in this segment will provide a huge opportunity for reduction in petroleum usage from the standpoints of both fuel usage and lubrication requirements. Nissan has already started looking at development of a larger commercial truck, also to be powered with an electric motor.

The e-NV200 officially debuted earlier this year at the Commercial Vehicle Show in England (found here). Nissan expects to see continued growth in both the LCV- and the EV-segments.

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