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Bosch, the spark plug, appliance, automotive navigation system maker (among myriad other items) has developed, and is now offering, a 16 amp, 240 volt residential charging solution for $449. Rated for either indoor or outdoor installations the Power Max charge station comes with a 12 foot cord and is a permanent installation. It is not available as a plug-in installed unit.

For electric vehicle (EV) owners with a desire for even faster charging, Bosch offers the Power Max in a 30 amp configuration with either an 18 foot cord, or a 25 foot cord. These list respectively for $593 and $749. All units have received UL listing.

Bosch is accepting orders for these units starting today, with first shipments expected to be made in early June. With the highly regarded Bosch name behind them and the affordability of these systems, we expect that these Bosch units will be in high demand.


    1. Hi Jeff,

      I apologize for not including a link to their EVSE site. Bosch has set up a site dedicated to EVSE for both residential and commercial customers. Here is the link.

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