Tesla S shines with Consumer Reports

Tesla Model S

Image source: Tesla Motors

Model S scores 99 out of 100 points

We must say right up front that we are not big fans of Tesla. Admittedly, as much of that has to do with our feelings toward Tesla’s founder as it does with the car itself. Let’s just say that we’re not big fans of arrogance – a quality that Mr. Musk, Tesla’s founder, seemingly exudes with little effort. So let’s get right to Consumer Reports analysis.

First, the Model S score of 99 on a scale of 100 tied the only other car to ever receive such a high mark – the 2007 Lexus 460L. That both of these vehicles fall easily into the luxury category is no surprise. At the time, the Lexus was among the most expensive high-end luxury sedans, as the Model S is now. While reading the Consumer Reports review, we find it odd that with all of the caveats in the review that it merits such a high score. One interesting remark stuck out – When it’s left unplugged, we noted a parasitic loss of energy that amounts to 12 to 15 miles of range per day. That seems to us as though some electrical gremlins need to be sorted out. Be that as it may, the car still received 99 out of 100 points for features such as efficiency, quickness and quietness. Which makes it noteworthy to us for one reason in particular. This event will shine a light on electric vehicles (EVs).

Headlines have already popped up in non-automotive publications talking about the electric car that achieved a tie with Consumer Reports highest recorded score ever. The ripples will last quite some time prior to their dissipation. This, we feel, is a good thing. The longer this positive light shines on an electric car – any electric car – the better it is for the industry in general. Once people realize that they can acquire much of this technology for a fraction of the price of the Tesla Model S, and derive the same benefits of efficiency, quickness, and quietness, we may just see a greater uptake in the EV rate at all manufacturers that make them available. Not a bad result.

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