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How Google is trying to change the world

The Google really is not the “great and powerful” Oz, that many would paint it to be. Well, okay… maybe it is. But nonetheless, they have taken huge steps as a company to embrace ideals that have proven to reduce CO2 emissions while helping to guide their employees to make similar choices.

In 2007 Google undertook a rather ambitious program of evaluating and comparing internal combustion engine vehicles vs. hybrid electric vehicles vs. plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (which Google converted to plug-in use). This evolved into a free Google employee car-sharing program. The expanding GFleet will include the Chevy Volt, Nissan LEAF and upcoming plug-in hybrids and electrics. This allows employees to get around after they have arrived at work using the companys biodiesel shuttle bus system, a bus system that rivals that of some small cities, with the improvement that all of the buses run on biodiesel.

What we found to be perhaps one of the most powerful messages yet though, is Google’s determination to electrify their workers rides. Google currently has 150 120-volt EV charge stations available, over 70 208-volt Level 2 charge stations and 250 more charge stations on the way. Google’s goal is to electrify 5% of their employees parking slots to encourage EV adoption. Oh… and they provide free charging too.

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  1. indyflick says:

    Also Google maps now includes EV charging stations.

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