LEAF 2.0?


Image courtesy of Auto Express

Image courtesy of Auto Express

Is this really the next Nissan LEAF?

The United Kingdom’s Auto Express recently released these images of what might be the next Nissan LEAF. After seeing them, we tend to agree that the next LEAF could look similar to this. Our feeling is that a highly talented pixel manager created them, but no matter. Let’s perform a little analysis.

Image courtesy of Auto Express

Image courtesy of Auto Express

LEAF 2.0 might look like this because of the striking similarities to a larger Nissan hatchback due later this year – the 2015 Murano.

2015 Murano front

2015 Murano rear

First let’s look at those similarities. The character line of the front fender has become a Nissan signature line throughout its lineup – seen in vehicles such as the Altima, Rogue, and Pathfinder, in addition to the upcoming Murano. The flat bottomed V grille is also a design cue of the Nissan front end – although we suspect that this trim is a little on the narrow side as can be seen when compared to the Murano and Maxima grilles. The dropped lower grille is reminiscent of that seen on the upcoming 2016 Maxima, seen here as the Sport Sedan Concept.

Sport Sedan Concept

The chiseled front headlamp design fits right in with both vehicles seen here, as does the tail light representation.

Nissan has also committed to their floating roof design seen here in both Maxima and Murano, so it makes sense that the next-gen LEAF will also carry this design characteristic.

The  idea of a faux grille replacing the catfish nose on the front of the current LEAF is a great idea. It also provides a clever hiding place for the charge port lid – the center section of the V.

Some of the suspect areas – When compared head-to-head with the Murano, one can see that the LEAF will likely have a more arching roof line over the side windows. Too, the rear fascia below the bumper has not been seen on any Nissan to date – even in concept form, though it is similar to the Maxima front fascia.

Nissan never releases images of their vehicles, other than as concepts or final products, which is why we credit a skilled designer with this draft. But we would not be disappointed if the next LEAF looked something like this. What do you think?

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