Nissan makes electric sexy

by Ernie Hernandez on February 20, 2017

Nissan’s BladeGlider gets an update

Perhaps recognizing that there’s not much excitement with their everyday electric car, the LEAF, Nissan announced Margot Robbie as their new electric vehicle ambassador with a video of her racing around the streets of Monaco in the newly redesigned BladeGlider. Here’s a look:

Nissan introduced the BladeGlider, an all-electric, rear-wheel-drive, three-seater all the way back in 2013, but the car has seen some refinement, with a dash of aggression thrown in, since then. Here is a look at that earlier version:
With times of 0-60 in under five seconds, and an open top, the BladeGlider is infinitely more interesting than the current generation LEAF. If you’re interested, here is what some of Nissan’s executives have to say about the car:
The BladeGlider is pure concept, but we can dream, right?



Chevy Bolt sales ramp up quickly

by Ernie Hernandez on February 19, 2017

It’s Nissan vs. Chevy in the affordable EV segment

Chevy Bolt sales got off to a slow start in December with late and limited availability, but Chevy got 579 Bolts out the door (compared with 1,899 LEAFs). Once inventory started to ramp up a bit the tables turned with Chevrolet delivering 1,162 Bolts in January vs. 772 LEAFs for Nissan. So what does it all mean?

First, let’s put some perspective on this. January was the first full month of availability for the all-new Bolt. Nissan’s first full month of sales for the LEAF,¬†January of 2011, saw LEAF sales of 87 units. It took until April of that year for Nissan to break the 500 mark, which they did with sales of 573.

Nissan achieved their highest single month sales total of 3,186 in August of 2014, which was also the best year thus far for Nissan with 30,200 vehicles sold. Public awareness of electric cars had been ramping up over the previous three years with Tesla first selling its first Model S in 2012 and many other automakers joining the plug-in vehicle fray. Now that pretty much anyone of driving age has heard of electric cars, it is not surprising that the Bolt would have a significantly better launch than Nissan experienced all those years ago.

That the Chevy Bolt goes twice as far also might have something to do with it. The EPA range of the LEAF is 107 miles – the Bolt 238, although the Bolt starts about $7,000 more. Also, the LEAF looks virtually identical to what it did in December of 2010 and the Bolt is the shiny new toy, although I don’t know of anyone that would call either particularly attractive. Tesla seems to own the sexy electric car market for the moment, but that exclusivity comes at the equivalent of Apple technology product prices. Yes, they say that the Model 3 is coming late this year at $35,000 but I’ll believe it when I see it. Tesla has yet to deliver on time.

So with the launch of the Chevy Bolt, the US driving public finally has an affordable, medium distance electric car that many will find meets their needs. This 60 Kwh battery class of vehicle, available in the $30,000 price range, is getting the EV marketplace near the tipping point of widespread acceptance.



Nissan and BMW partner on more fast charge stations

January 24, 2017
Thumbnail image for Nissan and BMW partner on more fast charge stations

Partnership to continue into 2017 EV drivers will find it easier to find a fast charge station in the coming years as Nissan and BMW continue to partner with EVgo to bring additional fast charging capability to both CHAdoMO and SAE Combo connector (CCS) equipped electric cars. The above infographic shows the network that existed […]

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New email subscription feature added

January 8, 2017

Subscribe to be notified of new posts If you’ve followed Living LEAF for any length of time, you know that I don’t update frequently. There are many media sites that will give you all of the day-to-day breaking news in the EV segment. Living LEAF is not one of those sites. I established Living LEAF […]

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Nissan finally announces new LEAF

January 8, 2017
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Self-driving and 200 mile plus range! Carlos Ghosn at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) finally announced that the new Nissan LEAF will be coming soon. In automotive parlance that means sometime this year, which is what I’ve been saying all along, as a 2018 model. Look for it late summer at the earliest, more […]

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Chevrolet Bolt to gradually roll out in 2017

September 27, 2016
Thumbnail image for Chevrolet Bolt to gradually roll out in 2017

Dealers told to expect the car in January According to Automotive News, at least one California Chevy dealer expects to see his first Chevrolet Bolt in January of next year. All indications though are that there will not be much initial inventory and production will ramp up slowly. That is the same approach that Nissan […]

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Nissan expands No Charge to Charge markets

September 26, 2016
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Doubles Nissan’s claim of reaching 25 initial markets July of 2014 saw Nissan introduce their No Charge to Charge program in ten markets, with a commitment to add fifteen more markets over the next twelve months. Not only have they met that initial commitment, but by expanding the program to double that number, nearly 90 […]

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Please don’t put your feet on the dash

July 15, 2016
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It’s not worth it Recently I was driving from San Diego to Yuma. These long freeway drives can be boring, especially for those driving even longer distances. In an effort to get more comfortable as a passenger sometimes it might be tempting to put your feet up on the dash. In fact, along the way […]

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Will next-gen LEAF land before Model 3?

June 27, 2016

Model 3 shows demand for affordable, high range electric cars With the introduction of the Model 3 in March and the receipt of deposits for over 250,000 in its first two days, Tesla has shown the world that there is, indeed, demand for an affordable, high range electric car. At least if its first name […]

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Fuel costs of EVs vs. gas powered cars

April 23, 2016
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EVs still cost less to drive About three years ago we wrote an article about the comparative operating costs of electric cars vs. gas powered cars (found here). Three things have happened since then – the cost of gasoline has gone down, the cost of electricity has gone up, and the average new car goes […]

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