The Electric Car Second Edition Input Request

by Ernie Hernandez on March 28, 2017

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Help Define the Second Edition

Since I published The Electric Car eighteen months ago much has changed in the EV business. More makers than ever are moving into the business in big or small ways. Existing products are being updated to compete with the new electric vehicles making their way into being. And the whole charging infrastructure has exploded offering more ways and places to charge your electric car. With all of these developments, it’s time for an update which I should have out by the end of the year.

The second edition will include information about all of the new models and future models that have been made known thus far. In addition, I’m looking to possibly expand the scope of the book to include more information about autonomous cars, alternative energy generally, commercial vehicles, and more. I am also considering offering the book in various formats beyond e-book. I’ve developed a short ten question multiple choice survey that can be answered in just a few minutes time and would appreciate your input. You will find a link to the survey below.

If you haven’t read The Electric Car yet, now is a great time! For a seven day period I’m offering a Kindle Countdown Deal on Amazon. Regular price is $2.99. The deal starts at $.99 on March 30. On April 2 the price goes to $1.99 and it reverts to it’s regular price on April 6. This gives you a great opportunity to get a killer deal and time to tell your friends about it. Also, if you do choose to read it, please take a moment to leave a review on Amazon. Reviews make a world of difference to someone trying to decide which resource to choose, and this first-time author would enjoy your feedback. You can order the book by clicking on its cover image in the right column.

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Nissan Launches Second EV Car Share Service in Japan

by Ernie Hernandez on March 21, 2017

New Mobility Concept on the road

In October 2013 Nissan launched Japan’s first large-scale one-way car sharing service, using the Nissan New Mobility Concept EV as the vehicle of choice. The initial program was a one-year trial run starting with 30 units. In 2014 the program was extended for a year with an expansion to 50 vehicles. Nissan found that over 10,000 users signed up to use this innovative service which allowed users to pick up the car in one location and drop it off in another.

Today Nissan announced a second car sharing service, also using the New Mobility Concept.  This service will offer round-trip rentals – basically renting the car in one location, using it for your needs, and returning it to the location that you rented it. Priced in Yen, the rates are inexpensive – roughly $9 per hour with a maximum of $27 per day after paying a minimal user fee to join the program. The service operates 25 cars in the city of Yokohama, and offers 14 locations to start and end your trip. For the tourist that wants to easily get around the city, this offers a great way to increase your mobility near your destination. Perhaps that’s where Nissan derived the name – New Mobility Concept.


2018 Nissan LEAF reveal in September

March 13, 2017
Thumbnail image for 2018 Nissan LEAF reveal in September

Spy shots reveal some styling cues On Friday Nissan finally threw us a bone on their official Twitter account – the 2018 Nissan LEAF will be revealed sometime in September with sales starting likely in December. The “globally revealed” comment in the Tweet could refer to the upcoming Frankfurt International Auto Show. Although the Oklahoma […]

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Honda Clarity EV to go just 80 miles

February 27, 2017
Thumbnail image for Honda Clarity EV to go just 80 miles

Why bother? Honda must have no real plans of selling any battery electric versions of its Clarity EV as it has just announced that its roughly $35,000 asking price will give you just 80 miles of electric range, according to Automotive News. So let’s see… we can currently buy a 2016 VW e-Golf for under […]

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Nissan makes electric sexy

February 20, 2017
Thumbnail image for Nissan makes electric sexy

Nissan’s BladeGlider gets an update Perhaps recognizing that there’s not much excitement with their everyday electric car, the LEAF, Nissan announced Margot Robbie as their new electric vehicle ambassador with a video of her racing around the streets of Monaco in the newly redesigned BladeGlider. Here’s a look: Nissan introduced the BladeGlider, an all-electric, rear-wheel-drive, […]

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Chevy Bolt sales ramp up quickly

February 19, 2017
Thumbnail image for Chevy Bolt sales ramp up quickly

It’s Nissan vs. Chevy in the affordable EV segment Chevy Bolt sales got off to a slow start in December with late and limited availability, but Chevy got 579 Bolts out the door (compared with 1,899 LEAFs). Once inventory started to ramp up a bit the tables turned with Chevrolet delivering 1,162 Bolts in January […]

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Nissan and BMW partner on more fast charge stations

January 24, 2017
Thumbnail image for Nissan and BMW partner on more fast charge stations

Partnership to continue into 2017 EV drivers will find it easier to find a fast charge station in the coming years as Nissan and BMW continue to partner with EVgo to bring additional fast charging capability to both CHAdoMO and SAE Combo connector (CCS) equipped electric cars. The above infographic shows the network that existed […]

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New email subscription feature added

January 8, 2017

Subscribe to be notified of new posts If you’ve followed Living LEAF for any length of time, you know that I don’t update frequently. There are many media sites that will give you all of the day-to-day breaking news in the EV segment. Living LEAF is not one of those sites. I established Living LEAF […]

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Nissan finally announces new LEAF

January 8, 2017
Thumbnail image for Nissan finally announces new LEAF

Self-driving and 200 mile plus range! Carlos Ghosn at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) finally announced that the new Nissan LEAF will be coming soon. In automotive parlance that means sometime this year, which is what I’ve been saying all along, as a 2018 model. Look for it late summer at the earliest, more […]

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Chevrolet Bolt to gradually roll out in 2017

September 27, 2016
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Dealers told to expect the car in January According to Automotive News, at least one California Chevy dealer expects to see his first Chevrolet Bolt in January of next year. All indications though are that there will not be much initial inventory and production will ramp up slowly. That is the same approach that Nissan […]

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