Nissan in reach of LEAF yearly sales goal

2013 Nissan LEAF

2,002 LEAFs sold in October

With the Nissan LEAF monthly sales averaging around 2,000 units for the past several months, and a sales goal of 20,000 units this year, Nissan seems to be within reach of making their goal. Year-to-date US sales for Nissan’s electric car amount to 18,078 with two months to go.

With gas prices coming down over the past several months, more new car buyers are opting for larger vehicles with their attendant fuel economy issues. That said, one of the fastest growing vehicle segments is the small crossover market. In essence, the modern era station wagon, the small crossover meets the needs of many families. Large enough to carry a family of five when needed, but also offering the ability to fold down the back seats for runs to the big box warehouse over the weekend, these vehicles have broad appeal. With their four-cylinder engines they typically offer decent fuel economy as well. So if this blog is all about the Nissan LEAF, why are we writing about small crossovers? Let us explain.

2014 Nissan Rogue

The LEAF wheelbase is 106.3 inches. The all new 2014 Nissan Rogue, Nissan’s small crossover, has a wheelbase of 106.5 inches although the Rogue is about seven inches longer overall. Headroom front and rear is within an inch of each other, as is front leg room. The Rogue has more legroom in the back. Finally, the Rogue makes use of its longer exterior dimension by offering greater cargo carrying capacity as well. Why the comparison? Because many drivers find that the LEAF is more than adequate to meet their daily needs once they actually take a close look at what those needs are. It can carry five passengers when asked, or it can be configured to carry more stuff than people, if that is what your agenda calls for. With Nissan’s $199 per month lease still available on the S trim level, some new LEAF owners are finding that the monthly lease payment is less than what their gas costs for their monthly commute. A compelling argument when, even with lower gas prices, you can own a new car for less than what you were paying for gas.

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