The airport charging solution – revised

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Thanks to Tom K’s comment on our previous post, we have revised our thoughts on airport electric vehicle (EV) (and other long-term) charging solutions.

The supplied 120 volt EVSE that Nissan includes with your LEAF (and other manufacturer’s will likely include with their vehicles) is all you need for your charging solution while at the airport for more than a day. That, and a place to plug in.

While EVSE providers and network solutions managers are trying to sell EVSEs and network solutions to airport authorities, all that is really required are plentiful 120 volt outlets, clearly marked for EV availability.

Think about it (which we clearly did not do earlier). The 120 volt EVSE supplied with your car will charge your car in about 20 hours. If you are gone for more than this, you will return with a full charge upon your arrival back at home. Why then, would anyone gone for more than 20 hours need to take up space at the 240 volt Level 2 charging stations? Answer: they don’t.

240 volt Level 2 charge stations need to be clearly marked – “24 hour parking only. Vehicles exceeding 24 hours will be towed.” In this way, those that are just gone for the day on business will be assured of having a full charge upon their return.

The key to this is the ready availability of clearly marked 120 volt outlets in the parking facilities. Certainly the installation of these outlets will be significantly less expensive than the installation of the much more costly Level 2 (or DC quick charge) charge stations. Problem solved. Thanks Tom.

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  1. Tom K says:

    I look forward to the day, hopefully soon, where the right mix of electrical access for EVs is available. L1 for long term parking, L2 for malls and movie theaters, and DC QC for Starbucks and AM PM minimarts…. Then I would be happy…. Alas, just a dreamer…

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