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SDG&E makes contact

On February 16, San Diego Gas & Electric contacted us to let us know that we would be included in their rate program for electric car owners. A second meter will be added, and we will be offered their “cheapest energy” that they will offer to any of their customers. This is part of their demonstration electric rate program offered to ECOtality EV Project participants (of which we will be one).

This has been a busy week and we have not been able to follow up on their message yet, but our anticipation is that this contact is made about four weeks prior to vehicle delivery. If that is indeed the case, we should be hearing from ECOtality next week, which would be three weeks prior to vehicle delivery to arrange the installation of our charging dock. Interestingly, we have had no contact from the EV Project since we were approved for the program. We have had no site survey or inspection. We plan on following up on this and will update our status here so that you may have some idea of what may happen in your situation as well. Yes… we do realize that not everyone lives in San Diego. But if other utilities offer favorable rates (and many do), we imagine that the contact time frame will be similar to ours. As they say… stay tuned.

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  1. Frank Twohy says:

    Dear Ernie,
    That is interesting. I am several months behind you as I was allowed to order my car December 18th. I have already had the site survey and I upgraded my electric panel. I got the this message from Nissan just last week. I am not sure this means anything but wonder if you or anyone else also received this?
    Frank, to ensure safe and uninterrupted electric service, Nissan plans to share your LEAF™ purchase decision and your street address with your local utility beginning next month. The utility will use this information strictly for service planning. Your information will not be shared, sold or used for any other purposes. If you are unwilling to share your address, simply edit your profile to decline this option before March 1, 2011.

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