LEAF arrives in Hawaii


LEAF lands in last of seven initial rollout states

The first Nissan LEAF was delivered in the state of Hawaii. This LEAF was delivered at New City Nissan in Honolulu on the island of Oahu. There are a total of seven Nissan dealerships spread throughout the island chain, and the state has made a strong effort to encourage the adoption of this new mode of transportation.

Hawaii is encouraging electric vehicle (EV) adoption through a number of incentives: a rebate of 20% of the purchase price of an EV up to $4,500. In addition, a 30% rebate of the cost (including installation) of the electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE or charging dock) up to $500. With the federal government picking up 50% of the cost of the EVSE these constitute significant savings. The state is also looking at offering free charging at publicly owned parking facilities.

Bill Markevitch took ownership of his car yesterday, and by taking delivery has completed the first round of seven states slated for the LEAF: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas and Washington. Deliveries will continue in these states prior to opening up delivery to additional markets later in the year, according to Nissan. Nissan is still on track to introduce the LEAF nationwide in 2012, with the reservation system due to open back up in the first half of this year. Chevrolet has made news recently by promising the Volt in all markets this year. Volt production numbers were initially planned to be 10,000 for 2011, and 45,000 for 2012. With strong initial demand Chevrolet is looking for ways to increase that production but production is currently constrained due to battery availability. GM CEO Dan Akerson stated at the Automotive News World Congress on January 17 that GM may ramp up production of the Volt to as many as 25,000 in 2011. That said, as recently as January 25, Ed Welburn GM’s design chief, stated that Volt production was scheduled for 10,000 units in 2011. Mr. Welburn said that GM is looking for ways to expand production at the Washington, D.C. auto show according to MSNBC.

Before we go, we feel like we must mention one little Hawaiin oddity – the existence of the Hawaiian Interstate Highway system. We suppose we can see the need for federal assistance with their transporatation system, but calling it an Interstate?

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