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Or, when will they ever learn…

We have all heard the ubiquitous phrase “Backup everything”. Having lived with computers since the early 80’s, one would think that I would know better by now. Sadly, apparently not.

Living LEAF shares a managed dedicated server with two other domains (both operated by my wife). We went to this arrangement due to our horrid previous experience with low-priced reseller arrangements and a variety of shared servers. All was going wonderfully well until Thursday last, when our server hard drive died. My wife was savvy enough to have backups of her database. I was not.

For my loyal readers, all will be pretty much as it was before as I continue to provide information that I find about the Nissan LEAF, industry news, information about competitive vehicles, as well as analysis and commentary. For any new readers that happen along, trust me when I say that there was a 7 month archive of daily articles going back to July of 2010 for reference. These articles (along with their associated comments) will be uploaded manually as time permits. (If you really need to find something from that time frame before it is renewed here you can do a Google search as follows: ” ‘search term’ site:livingleaf.info”. That should track it down for you. Click on the “cached” link. No graphics, but it is readable.)

As you can see by the date above, this article was written on February 5, 2011. I will leave it posted as the first article on the home page for a month or so (or as long as it takes to rebuild), for those new readers that come along and click on a link only to be sent to our error page. We apologize profusely for our foolishness.  (All initial comments are moderated to prevent spam. As this is a new installation, all previous visitors with approved comment status will need to be re-approved. Your comments will be posted, but it may take a bit.)


  1. Yes, welcome back. Your interesting articles are a refreshing insight on all things LEAF. Even though some of the items are not pertinent to things happening here in the UK, it is still fascinating to see what is going on elsewhere and how you address issues. Keep up the good work Ernie!
    Any time you are in the UK, you are most welcome to visit us and see how a LEAF works driving on the left (correct!) side of the road – when I get mine!

    1. Bob – Thank you for your kind words. As for driving on the left… once I had an opportunity to drive a manual transmission right-hand-drive Subaru WRX. Now that was an experience! And I was just in a parking lot blasting around. I don’t know that I could adequately concentrate for extended periods of time to actually properly navigate down the road!

  2. Ernie there are services which can often recover crashed disks. Might save you a bit of effort. Also look into SSD. 🙂

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