ApteraAptera to refund deposits according to USA Today

According to USA Today Aptera’s public relations firm announced the return of funds to deposit holders for the wingless arthropod that is the Aptera electric car.

Aptera is a three-wheeled electric car that is designed around the idea of providing the most efficient form to slip through the air, reducing the required amount of energy needed to propel it down the road. Improving the efficiency of the body design reduced the size of the needed powerplant and battery. These are all good things. Unfortunately, over time, the basic design parameters changed with added features and the size of the company grew probably more quickly than it should have. Combine these factors with a lack of funding and the result is a car that holds promise, but never gets built.

Conceptually, Aptera made sense when it was first proposed. Had the first vision been pushed through with its bare-bones, pioneering attitude, there would likely have been enough takers to get this flightless bird in the hands of the public. With the advent of the Nissan LEAF, Mitsubishi i, and other major manufacturers’ products coming in the not-too-distant future, the outlook for Aptera looks bleak. While perhaps not dead yet, its vital signs are weak. It deserved better.

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