LEAF privacy concerns

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RSS feed subscriptions pass location, speed info

A Seattle blogger has determined that subscribing to RSS feeds from the LEAF CARWINGS system, the car is  was transmitting current information to the RSS feed provider. This information included current location, destination (if programmed) and current speed.

This blogger has posted a video of what exactly was being provided by the car to the RSS provider. This original blog post was a few days ago, and has been updated since.

Based on the most recent update (6/15/2011 5:00PM PDT), Nissan is no longer providing location information on requests. Still, this is something that we thought that you should be aware of.

If you subscribe to no RSS feeds, your information has not been provided to anyone. Information was only passed along when an RSS feed was active. If you are concerned at all about this, we just recommend that you do not use your LEAF to obtain RSS feed information.

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