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EVSE installation passed the city inspection

We don’t have a lot of time to update the site this week, but we did want to pass this information along.

One more step to electrical vehicle (EV) ownership was taken yesterday as our EVSE installation was inspected by the City of San Diego and approved. It sounds like the next step in the process is for the city to let San Diego Gas & Electric know, whereupon the utility will install our second meter. This will move LEAF charging from household rates (currently over $.20 per kilowatt hour at the top tier that we pay for current usage) to less than $.08 per kilowatt hour. We don’t have time to do the math at the moment, but we will do some comparisons later today to our gasoline powered vehicles – at least in the San Diego area. We expect the second meter to be installed likely next week, but this gives us an opportunity to evaluate the efficiency of the city and our public utility.

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