Blue is the new green

Puredrive badgeIf an electric vehicle just won’t work for you

We spend our time looking for information about the Nissan LEAF and other electric vehicles (EVs) to analyze that information and pass it along to you. But as we have discovered (we actually knew it all along), an EV is not the right vehicle for everyone. And sometimes, even a hybrid may not make the cut due to cost or other considerations. If this situation describes you, all is not lost. There are other alternatives that you might consider.

The badge above can be found on several current Nissan gasoline powered products. Puredrive represents that these vehicles meet or exceed Federal Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards for 2016 (found here). But Nissan is not the only manufacturer trying to illustrate their corporate environmental credentials with trunk lid badging. One of the first was the Toyota Prius sporting Toyota’s silver and blue Synergy Drive badge. The thing is with Toyota, as near as we can tell, this badge is currently only affixed to their hybrid products – thus the name. We did find at least one other contender though. Hyundai has been sticking what they call Blue Drive badges onto various products for a few years now. These are meant to show that Hyundai will be able to offer a fleet average of 35 miles per gallon by 2015 (found here). The only problem we have with that is that Hyundai has been overstating their fuel economy on several vehicles for a couple of years now (Consumer Reports article found here).

So whether you are shopping for a new or used vehicle to add to your fleet, or as a replacement to your current ride, keeping an eye out for a blue and silver badge on the back is an indication that you are looking at a gas saver – which will be better for your pocket book and for the environment.

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