New EV distance record for 24 hours

Renault ZoeRenault ZOE eclipses record

On June 1 two Renault ZOE electric cars toured the Aubevoye speed ring Renault test track in Normandy. One covered 1,618 kilometers (1,005 miles) while the other covered 1,506 kilometers (935 miles). The previous electric vehicle distance record for a 24 hour period was only 1,280 kilometers (795 miles).

One might wonder why events like this matter. These events serve multiple purposes. First, it draws attention to the fact that the ZOE is available to order in Europe now, and will be in dealerships at the end of the year. In addition, it shows the viability of driving an electric car a great distance in one days time. Perhaps most importantly, it highlights the reliability of an electric vehicle being driven and/or charged with a fast charger for 24 hours straight.

The Renault/Nissan Alliance provides an advantage that few manufacturers can match – the ability to draw on the combined talents and synergies of two major automobile manufacturers working with one goal – to build better vehicles. The intent of the Alliance has been to develop each brands’ growth and profitability while maintaining their own identities. One other development that we have noted with the development of electric vehicles – the Alliance provides the opportunity to evaluate two very different approaches to the consumer EV marketplace with the ability to share those results to improve EV adoption. This can only prove beneficial to the EV marketplace over time.

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