The $40,000 golf cart


The bizarre part about this is that the guy that thought it up got someone else to build it. But I guess if you’re already building a $30,000+ version, if you can put a designer’s name on it and sell it for $40,000 we guess that we’d give it a shot too.

The above vehicle is called the V+ Volteis by Starck. Volteis is the manufacturer and Starck is the designer. Volteis┬áhas been building “electric cars” since 2010. $10,000 golf carts have smaller wheels, smaller motors, and don’t go as fast. But they are $30,000 less expensive than the V+ Volteis by Starck. So how powerful is this thing? Not very, actually.

The V+ has an 11 horsepower electric motor, and a top speed of 40 miles per hour. Forgive us if we are skeptical about that top speed claim, especially if you trust this enough to put four people in it. The claimed range is 35 miles. That we can believe. So how does this compare to a traditional electric golf cart? The golf cart can go about 20- to 25-mph but might offer a range up to 50 miles or so. Neither offers any protection against the elements, or makes any attempt at occupant safety. Oops… forgive us. We do see seat belts in that photo.

The real question is why. Why would someone build something like this? Answer: Because they can. But in Mr. Starck’s own words (from his website) – “I wanted to offer an alternative. A different answer to return to the minimalist definition of a vehicle. A simple vehicle. Almost a child’s play. With 4 wheels. A steering wheel. And electricity. A vehicle just here to transport. Transport us and our business. Almost nothing.”

Sound’s a whole lot like a $10,000 golf cart to us. LEAF anyone?

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  1. Sasparilla says:

    Wow with prices like that for something that is in effect a slightly faster golf cart…brings to mind one of those de-motivational posters for the business world:

    Talk about making a Leaf purchase a no-brainer in comparison.

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