Is the LEAF just now available in your area?

Red San Diego LEAFWelcome to this brave new world!

With the Nissan LEAF now being available nationwide (at least for reservations and ordering), we wanted to revisit some topics for our newer readers.

As you do your research, you may be wondering some of the same things that we wondered as our opportunity to order our LEAF started getting closer. Do we really want to do this? Will it really do everything that we need it to do? What if we don’t like it?

When we ordered our car, the dealers did not even have demo cars for us to drive. By the time you can order in your area, your local dealership should have a demo car for you to drive. Also, Hertz and Enterprise offer Nissan LEAF rentals in select market. Enterprise seems to offer the LEAF primarily in California, along with a few other west coast locations while Hertz has the LEAF in more locations. If you live in or near a large metropolitan area, it may be worth the time to call either of these agencies to see if there is a LEAF available near you.

The prime purpose of this article though, is to introduce a new page that you will see at the top of the column on the right – If you are just starting your LEAF research, start here! We realize that our readers have varying levels of experience and knowledge about the LEAF. This starting point will give all of our newer readers a great place to organize their search for more LEAF information. As always, we are open to suggestions that will help us improve Living LEAF. You will find our contact information at the bottom of every page.

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