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Driving LEAFWe added a “Top 25 Most Read Posts” page as a helpful guide

If you check out our sidebar on the ┬áright, you will see a list of pages near the top. We just added a page called “Top 25 Most Read Posts”, which will auto update with the most read posts since the creation of the blog. Just underneath that you will find our “Recently Popular Posts”. Let’s take a quick look at the difference between the two.

The Recently Popular Posts will show the most read posts of the last 30 days. These may be some of our more recent posts, perhaps more timely pieces, as well as some posts of enduring popularity.

The Top 25 Most Read Posts page is designed to provide a single point where you will find the posts that have fought their way to the top as they’ve played King of the Hill with all of the other posts on the site. While most have been on the site for some time, others have proven to be of interest to enough readers that they will have made their way onto the list. Some posts will obviously be on both lists.

As usual, you will find the two most recent posts in their entirety on our home page, with excerpts of the eight next most recent posts. Links are provided to the rest of the article should you wish to read it. As always, we appreciate reader feedback. If there is anything that you would like to see please let us know via the contact us info at the bottom of any page.

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