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iPhone Case - Front

How about a self-healing iPhone case

Nissan in 2005 developed a self-healing vehicle coating that allows fine scratches to mend themselves. This coating is currently used on certain Infiniti and Nissan models (the LEAF is not one of them). When Nissan says fine scratches, think automated car washes that beat your car up with rubber brushes. As they age, those rubber brushes accumulate grunge and minute tears, which can translate to – fine scratches on your car. Park your car in the sun after collecting these fine scratches and time and heat work together to mend the finish. Nissan thought it might be a good idea to use this same finish for an iPhone case. Very fine scratches could heal in about an hour, with more severe damage taking as long as a week to heal.

iPhone Case - Back

This will be Nissan’s first non-automotive use for the finish, but there is one important bit of information needed – the case will initially be available only in Europe. It will be known as the Nissan Scratch Shield iPhone Case. The case will be available for the iPhone 4 and 4S. Prototypes are currently being tested with possible general availability later this year.

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