Infiniti to debut range extended electric sports car in Geneva

Infiniti Sports Car Concept teaser

Infiniti range extended EV Sports Car Concept

First mid-ship Infiniti to be range extended EV?

This teaser image released by Infiniti today is of the range-extended EV (otherwise known as a plug-in hybrid) to be introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2012. If we understood the video correctly, the range extender will be a 1.2 liter gasoline engine. No word yet on the electric motor or size of the battery pack. Infiniti first discussed this vehicle just prior to the Los Angeles Auto Show. Here are a couple more photos:

Infiniti Sports Car Concept front

It looks like up front the headlights are similar to those shown on the ETHEREA concept. This particular combination of color and design (to our eyes at least) make the front of this car look like it’s made of liquid metal. Oh would that cars looked so good in real life.

Infiniti Sports Car Concept rear

This sleek two seater will have an extremely select target market, but we think we could see ourselves as part of that market, if only we could afford to own multiple cars.

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