FedEx to test electric Nissan van in London

Electric NV200 FedEx test vanFedEx to add Nissan Electric NV200 to London test fleet

FedEx, a significant supporter of electric vehicles (EVs) with 43 already in use in London, Europe and the United States, is adding the all electric Nissan NV200 light commercial van to its fleet as an evaluation vehicle. The NV200, which has been selected as the New York City Taxi of Tomorrow (in its gasoline-powered version), has been slated to receive the Nissan LEAF drivetrain as a light duty commercial use vehicle for some time. It has already been in use in the Japan Postal Service this year in a real-world evaluation. The upcoming evaluation is to be conducted over a two month period similar to its earlier service in Japan.

We see this as a responsible move for both Nissan and FedEx. FedEx has established strong initiatives to reduce aircraft emissions by 20 percent by 2020 and to increase vehicle efficiency by 20 percent, also by 2020. We know that this makes a nice corporate slogan, but that FedEx is moving in this direction while others make no such change, they can be seen as leaders in improving the environment at a corporate level.

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