Nissan partners with ChargePoint Network

Nissan Dual Charging DockCharge station display remains incomplete

Nissan selected Coulomb Technologies’ ChargePoint Network to show LEAF drivers where to charge their cars. The problem is, it is not a complete solution.

Nissan’s new partner has a network of charge stations already installed around the country. Coulomb’s approach has seemed to be to make arrangements with anyone that will partner with them and then to promote those partnerships on their website. This seems a good approach to us as it will broaden their network quickly and improve the national electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. At issue, though, as seen in this case is how much information is shared and made available to whom, and will this ultimately resolve the question “Where can I charge my EV?” We think that the solution is still in need of refinement.

Checking out our local San Diego area, clicking on the Nissan website and checking out the LEAF charging solutions, with the advent of the new ChargePoint Network partnership we were expecting to see all possible San Diego area charging locations displayed. According to Nissan the Nissan LEAF website “now has the most comprehensive listing of stations in the United States.” Our research shows that a significant number of charging locations don’t show up on Nissan’s map.

For example, the EV Project has installed a number of stations in the greater San Diego area. None of these are reflected in the ChargePoint Network map. We took a quick look in the Tennessee market and found none of the recent Cracker Barrel installations on the map either. Also, the Nissan dealership charging locations don’t show up on the ChargePoint Network map when viewed from their web site vs. accessing (theoretically) the same information from Nissan’s website. This is likely because Nissan does not want Nissan dealership charging locations to show up on the ChargePoint map. But if Nissan owners access the ChargePoint map rather than the Nissan map, they will not get the same information rendering this a less than optimum solution from a LEAF owners perspective.

Here at Living LEAF, we have found that the most comprehensive resource is still the open source, user powered As users find new locations, they can add them. Since the site is not affiliated with any of the charge station networks, it seems to have the broadest representation. It also seems to be one of the most quickly updated sites as new stations come online. Other solutions can also be found at our article titled “How can I find a charging station for my LEAF?

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3 Responses to Nissan partners with ChargePoint Network

  1. Tom K says:

    It seems there is no “one stop EVSE shop” locator source. I rely on 6 additional EVSE apps to get the big picture on where I can charge my car. I spent 20 minutes driving around a parking structure in beautiful downtown Burbank looking for a new Chargepoint EVSE site…I never found it ;-/

    • Ernie Hernandez (LEAFguy) says:

      Tom – I think you’ve got the right idea. Plenty of apps on your phone and lots of patience…

      • Tom K says:

        Another resource I’ve found very helpful is all the early adopters who, like myself, actually go out and look for the “alleged” EVSE site and document it. Such is the case for the Burbank location that has alluded me. Its location has been just updated, including pics…. Can you imagine if everyone in this country had to go through the search process for a gasoline station that we EVers go through looking for a plug?

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