LEAF NISMO concept
LEAF NISMO concept

Concept LEAF lighter, more powerful

MotorAuthority.com provides us with some insight into one possible LEAF future – at least for those that choose performance over range.

Nissan is introducing a possible road-going (read – civilized) version of their full on LEAF NISMO RC. While the RC (Race Car – clever, those Japanese) leaves no doubt as to its intended purpose, the concept shown above is lighter and more powerful than the current LEAF but likely offers many of the same advantages and obviously uses the same body as the road-going car.

The body kit is just for looks and will likely be disliked by as many as like it. We personally like the looks of the lower front grille treatment. It is more flattering than the stock grille in our view. The LEAF has a modified sport suspension and rides on 18-inch wheels for better grip to contain the greater power. According to Nissan’s Andy Palmer, the concept will offer about 10 percent more power and weigh less. Nothing about how much less, so that part is left to speculation although it looks as if the roof panel may be of carbon fiber. In theory, less weight could provide more range, but the intent of all NISMO (NISsan MOtorsports International) vehicles is performance enhancement. If driven with an eye toward performance, we would look for less range than is currently available. But if one is having more fun driving, who cares?

More photos can be found here.

[Source: Motor Authority]

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