Huge solar commitment by Washington Redskins

FedExField solar panels

FedExField to get huge solar panel array

8,000 solar panels to shelter 850 spaces

Washington Redskins and NRG Energy have partnered to bring a two megawatt solar generation station to FedExField. The 8,000 panel installation will cover 850 parking spaces and provide 10 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. Electricity generation will be enough to provide for all of the stadiums energy needs on non-game days, and a portion of the stadium’s needs on game days.

The shade and EV charging docks will be in a premium parking area and fans will be provided with information about renewable and clear air energy options as they enter the stadium. Three different types of solar panels will be used throughout the installation. Thin film solar technology sculptures will be displayed to highlight the technology. The EV charging docks will be part of NRG’s eVgo network.

No information regarding charging dock access was provided, but in their Texas market, eVgo chargers are available only to eVgo network members. Time will tell whether this model will be maintained at FedExField.

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