Think EV files for bankruptcy


Production in Finland stopped in March will not restart

According to Automotive News Europe, Think Global AS filed for bankruptcy in Norway, its home country.

Originally founded in 1991, Think has a rocky 20 year history going through a series of partnerships with various investors, including Ford Motor Company from 1999 through 2003. Most recently, Think had started production in the United States in Indiana under Think City North America. Think City had a couple of recalls in the United States in January of 2011, neither of which had anything to do with its status as an electric vehicle (EV). Production numbers had been so low that very few cars were impacted by the recall.

Think City North America, while a separate entity, is wholly owned by Think Global AS upon which it relies for financial support. This does not bode well for those early Think City EV adopters in the United States.

Liquidation of assets is an option, as is the arrival of yet another investor.

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