NISMO LEAF sees track time in Japan

Not a lot of LEAF news lately, but we found this bit of distraction:

(it’s only about a minute long)

We’re not really sure what to make of the various sounds. Certainly, we can hear the electric motor whine in some segments. Others, what sounds like induction noise of an internal combustion engine may actually be tire noise, or there may in fact be another vehicle on the track creating the noise. We really don’t think it would be likely that another vehicle would be on track at the same time as the NISMO LEAF though. Any thoughts?

Update: After several views, at the video opening, we see several cars go by in the background (right to left) which may be on the track, or an adjacent track. Also, at :30, just beyond the giant Dunlop tire over the track, there is a motorcycle on the track in the background. That is most likely the internal combustion engine culprit.

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