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We wrote on April 5th about our application for the California electric vehicle rebate through theĀ California Center for Sustainable Energy (CCSE). We expected the check to come in last week. It did. This shows that their process is actually very efficient, as long as all of the proper documents are submitted as requested. We took the documentation in on a Monday, and got a check sometime the following week. It seems that a non-profit organization running this process is working just fine.

I have had a very hectic travel schedule the past several weeks and after I submitted the paperwork for the rebate I promptly forgot about it as I had many other things on my mind. I got home late Friday night after being gone for the week, and had a chance to go through my mail. I discovered the $5,000 rebate check in the mix. Nice welcome home present. Just in time to send it off to Uncle Sam to take care of the feds. Being self-employed, I always owe at the end of the year.

Speaking of which… I’ve never really understood those folks that love getting “a big fat refund check”. You could be using that money, rather than loaning it to the government at no cost. That said, I suppose there are those that, if they didn’t get an income tax refund, would never save anything at all.

No word back from Blink yet.

UPDATE: The California rebate amount has been reduced to $2,500. Here is a link to the eligible vehicles page, with the amount that each vehicle is eligible to receive.

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